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Law enforcement investigations into allegations of federal or white-collarcrime are extremely aggressive.  It is a common tactic of law enforcement agents to break down the door to your home, without warning, early in the morning, in order to execute a search warrant.  This tactic is designed to disorient and frighten you and your family. Federal law enforcement agencies have almost unlimited resources to direct into criminal investigations.  By the time you become aware that you or your business are under investigation, that process may already be at an advanced stage.

In a fraud case, the government must prove that someone misrepresented or lied about something with the intent to deceive, causing financial or legal injury to another party as a result. In many situations, the big question the government must answer before deciding to prosecute a fraud case is whether it can prove that the accused had the criminal intent necessary to satisfy the required elements for fraud. If you are facing fraud charges, you will require assistance from a professional DC defense attorney to fight for your rights in court.

Read on to learn more about how a DC federal fraud lawyer could be a powerful asset to you in your court proceedings.

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